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Sustainable System Solutions for Urban Development

The overarching goal of Smart Urban Areas (SUA) is a contribution to sustainable building management and performance in Vietnam. The research project will be carried out in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi by monitoring a smart city that is currently under development. With the use of high-efficiency pumps, greening interventions, and the efficient use of rainwater, the long-term aim is to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency for a selected building in the smart city in accordance to the United Nations SDGs.

SUA - Smart Urban Areas addresses 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by United Nations, © 1995-2023.

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Project Info

Something about SUA…

Project Duration: 09.01.2022 - 08.31.2025

SUA is contributing knowledge as multi-layered research consisting a LoRa Sensor Network, High-efficiency pumps and containers for green growth. Micro-climate data will be gathered in order to conduct scenarios for a comprehensive building performance. Within the path of experience the outcome undergoes several simulations in search for the most efficient and cost effective solution. SUA is also testing the interfaces of different software from AR/VR/GIS and BIM.  



Sensor Network

Smart Pumps

Green Building

Project Partners

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TU Dortmund University

The Research Group of Spatial Information Management and Modelling (RIM) focuses on the management and analysis of spatial data as well as the application and development of theories and models of spatial systems. 

German Consortium Leader.

Vingroup / Vinhomes

Vingroup is a multi sector corporation, a well-recognized Vietnamese brand and proud to be one of the nation’s leading private enterprises. Vinhomes is the biggest real-estate developer in Vietnam. 

Local Consortium Partner.

Wilo SE

The Wilo SE Group is a German multinational technology group and one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and the industrial sector since 1872.

German Consortium Partner.


2022, Sep 1


2022, Nov 18

2023, January

  • Project Grant from German Federal Ministry for the environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection
  • German Partners get together for celebration
  • Team members visiting envisioned partners 
  • Green Growth trip to Hamburg, Germany for a site survey about how to use and integrate plants into a building as seen at the Flakbunker
  • Continuing to Dusseldorf, Germany to meet the gardening company that covered the Ko-Bogen II with 30.000 ordinary hornbeam hedge.
  • Finally the trip took us to Eindhoven where a very detailed tour through the Trudo Toren - a sister building of the Bosco Verticale from Milan - provided with stunning information about plants and technical issues to solve. 
  • KICK-Off conference in Hanoi visited by an audience of ministry members, engineers, architects, urban planner, designer, green growth consultants, decision makers, researchers
  • Site survey at Smart City location
  • MoU signing procedure

2023, March

  • SUA Team on site in Hanoi
  • Receiving LoRaWan (Long Range Wireless Area Network) equipment for micro-climate data measuring. Test run.
  • Comparison of smart pumps with pilot building.
  • Several site survey to study climate impact
  • Thermal camera imaging


2023, July 4

  • The SUA Expert Workshop at the International Meeting Center IBZ of the TU Dortmund University was pleased about an interested attendance of about 80 visitors. 
  • The workshop served to discuss the expertise of the expert audience in the German-speaking region with regard to synergies of digital twins, green buildings and AR/VR applications through contributions and think tanks. 
  • Deliberate care was taken to discuss these three different topics in depth with experts from industry, science and society. An unusual mix of building stakeholders, which motivated very stimulating conversations and led to meaningful approaches.
  • The workshop was accompanied by the visual recording designer Marie Jacobi, who summarised the events and results of the day.
  • The accompanying exhibition of suppliers of software, hardware and products of building greening offered the possibility of lively exchange during the breaks of the compact day program.
  • The idea of building an expert network from the successful SUA workshop was welcomed by many participants in order to continue these three topics on a regular basis. 
  • The social happening at the end of the day by a BBQ and beer stand was very positively perceived.
  • We are looking forward to the SUA follow-up symposium in 2024.

2023, July

  • SUA Team visits DATA Week 2023 in Leipzig.
  • Within the sessions, the topic will be presented around digital twins, stand-alone solutions and methods of application for urban neighbourhoods as well as municipal level.
  • Exhibition about related companies in accordance to VR, GIS software and APIs. 

2023, Aug

  • Achieving project Milestone 2

2023, Sep/Oct

  • Prof. Thinh visited Geoforum and represent the SUA project in front of the audience.
  • Preparing M-Project for greening facade in Hamburg, Germany.
  • Preparing project trip to Vietnam to meet partner and adjust hardware.
  • Hand over LoRaWAN sensor equipment hand over to Vinhomes for implementation, legal works and sensor placement
  • Visit Vietnam Green Building Week 2023 in HCMC. Contribution with project outcome after a year of project procurement.
  • Meeting with Vietnam Innovation Center - NIC
  • Meeting with Vietnam Institute for Building Science and Technology - IBST
  • Meeting with Vietnam Institute of Architecture - VIAR
  • Meeting with Hanoi Architecture University
  • Meeting with Vin University
  • Meeting with Vietnam National University - CEMM
  • Meeting with Vietnam Green Building Council - VGBC
  • Site survey with Viglacera


2023, Nov

  • Contract Signing Ceremony between all partners. Achieving Milestone 1.
  • Conference for legal statements in green development at NIC building.
  • Meeting with VNU/CEMM in order to set up a green pilot project as template to scale up.
  • Visiting audience with officials at NIC building in Hoa Lac Techno Park.
  • Initial meeting with VinUni at Vinhomes OceanPark to conduct scientific collaboration together.

2024, Mar

  • Site survey and installation systems for sensors, greening, rain water collection in Hanoi as pilot project.
  • A official delegation from ZUG/BMUV, the federal funding agency, is visiting Vietnam and ongoing EXI-Projects.

2024, April

  • Project achieves milestones 3 & 4. 
  • The TestBed01 Green roof and facade successfully implemented.
  • 26x LoRaWAN sensors for relative air humidity & temperature and 2x LoRaWAN Gateways successfully installed at TONKIN 2 tower. 
  • DAVIS weather station is running


2024, April 29/30

  • SUA Symposium at the IBZ building on TU Dortmund University campus. A two day event with participants from academia, industry and economy. 
  • Tree-planting ceremony
  • Site visit at WILO SE Campus Dortmund.

2024, May

  • The third session of the TU Dortmund Global Gallery Awards was held at IBZ and the SUA project was nominated for one of the three Awards. 

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