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Tonkin Tower II

Vinhomes Smart City belongs to Vingroup as one of the first smart city developments in Vietnam, using smart home features, electric bus infrastructure and the holistic approach to serve as full-service provider. SUA focusses on the building performance for comfort living and healthy impact within that satellite city. The pilot tower Tonkin II belongs to a group of twin high-rise about 38 storeys. 


Sensor placement: real-time micro-climate data for relative humidity and ambient air temperature using LoRaWan sensors


Wilo SE high-efficiency pumps provide water on demand following latest technical innovations incl. 5E energy standards.




Smart Urban Areas pilot tower Tonkin 2



Front Elevation

soil image


LoRaWan Gateways 4G collect real-time data and send those to our server for further analyse and visibility

Solution Scenario - Parkdeck - late 2023

Vinhomes Smart City management offers a future mall and parking building as template for a greening pilot. The SUA team provides a preliminary design and feasibility study in cooperation with WILO and submit for approval. A first teaser of the endeavour down below.
The overall idea by covering parts of the roof top and the facade later on is the usage and combination of rain besides grey water for irrigation purposes, aiming a cooling of the building envelope and furthermore a reduction in energy consumption. Climate sensors take measures and monitor relative air temperature and relative air humidity from the surface of the leaves, within the gap and on the wall outer and inner surface.

Solution Scenario Research - Update 2023

In-depth studies of the TONKIN II building envelope and construction within the study area and surrounding high-rise buildings resulted in four scenarios that identified positive contributions to the environment and optimized building management in climatic analyses. These proposals can contribute to significant energy savings opportunities and thus increase living comfort.

General information

Vinhomes Smart City is situated in the western area of Hanoi in Tay Mo, Tu Liem on the highway to Hoa Binh and Ba Vi a retreat area for many Hanoian citizens. The smart city is consisting of currently 30 high-rise buildings with 38 storeys, town houses, parks, shopping facilities, schools and a hospital. A central bus station with electric buses commute between Vinhomes Smart City and Vinhomes Ocean Park in the East of Hanoi, in Hung Yen province. The area of the Smart City is grouped in smaller compounds of high-rise with townhouses and shopping facilities while a huge retail area is located at the main entrance of this urban satellite. The building under research observation will be the TONKIN II Tower in the compound of the Tonkin zone.

IST Scenario
XL Scenario
IST Scenario Roof Top
IST Scenario Facade
XL Scenario Roof Top
XL Scenario Facade

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